Hello world!


If you’re reading this post, that means… That you are visiting my site and probably thinks – why Jakub created that website?

So, about this website, you can read it here, but I want to share more information about how this site will work.

There is a CRON, which is checking all added RSS feeds by our users if there is any new content on their sites. If yes, getting data from the website, adding to our database, and on the end – displaying this post as an excerpt on our site.

Yes, that right. Full posts you will be able to read only on the author’s website. I don’t want to copy/paste content from other websites.

That is not my mission.

So, why I created that website?

I’m tired of searching for new possibilities to read something about the technologies which I’m using in my work. Of course, I can use Twitter / Facebook, etc… But what if I open this website and see all entries from multiple blogs?

Sounds great?

This blog will be used to inform all of you to show what is changing on this website and how will be work in the future.