About website

About ContentCollector.cloud

I decided to create this website during scrolling Twitter and Facebook.

There are many of blogs, which I don’t know that they are exist.

There are many of great content which I want to read, but I don’t know that this content are exist on some blogs.

If you’re author of blog / OR YouTube videos you can always register on this site, add your blog and… Your content will be here. When I’m writing content – not of all posts. I don’t want to copy content of your blog. I just want to get an excerpt of your post / or first couple of words, first image / or featured image, link to your post, categories, tags and date of publishing.

If someone want to read this post – will be redirected directly to your site.

How it’s works?

For example, couple of people added own blogs and RSS reader working properly. CC.C is checking every of blog for each of 15 minutes (or author can manually refresh content). If there is any new content on blog, is getting data and displaying on my site on the specific categories.

If you’re registered user and want to display all posts from “Intune” category only, you will see posts only from Intune category, because you have that checked in your profile. So – YOU CAN customize which you want to see. Amazing, right?

This page will be updated later.