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Register as contributor

Why you should register as a contributor? 

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During registration, you will be able to add own Blog RSS / or / and YouTube channel to the profile. When you register, content from your site / YouTube channel will be automatically shared to the and everyone – registered and guest can view it.

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Your content was already shared?

But Image / Categories / Short description is wrong? Just edit it! When you register on site, you will be able to edit existing content on the CC.C website.

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If you register as a Contributor you will be able also to use this account as a Reader also. 

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That’s mean…

Logon to your account, edit profile and select what categories you want to view!

For example, you will be interested to view content only about Power Apps, so.. Select categories related to the Power Apps. You don’t need to view posts about MEM orz Azure.

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This website is still in progress.

So – new features will be added constantly. 

If you’re interested about new features – check my Internal blog about CC.C

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